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At Sacramento HVAC Recycling Services, we know large projects already impose a lot of stress when you are trying to deal with logistics. To help lessen the load and administer a seamless transition, we offer inside storage for your HVAC equipment until your project schedule arrives at the installation phase. You can have your equipment shipped directly to us, and we will receive and inventory it for you. As a single-source service provider, we are prepared to properly load and unload your equipment with the use of our loading docks and fleet of well-maintained cranes and forklifts. Inside our facility, which is outfitted with security cameras, your equipment is monitored and secure. In case of an incident, we are covered by a $5 million liability insurance policy.


When the time comes to install your HVAC units, we safely deliver them to your project site with our top-of-the-line trucking equipment. We coordinate with your project manager to ensure the items arrive at the appropriate time to fit your work schedule. We also can help with special permits and handling requirements. According to the lift information received by our dispatcher ahead of time, our skilled operators then set the equipment for your installers, following safety guidelines and using the right crane for the size, weight and sensitivity of the product(s). We also take into consideration the physical layout of each project site and facility – information acquired through prior on-site job checks – and come prepared to work around potential obstacles and hazards.


To help you get rid of an HVAC system you no longer want, Sacramento HVAC Recycling offers a removal service. We collaborate with you to schedule a time for our operators to come to the job site. According to the highest standards of precision and efficiency, we can help remove old HVAC system parts from your building and take them to be decommissioned. Our operators have Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and CCO certifications, and we prioritize the safety of both your and our employees while completing each project. Our array of cranes have varying capacities and can handle weights up to 110 tons.


For the final stage in the process, we recycle your old HVAC system in an environmentally responsible way. Our company is a Certified Appliance Recycler with the state of California and has a couple decades’ worth of experience optimizing proper handling procedures from start to finish. We have a thorough knowledge of hazardous waste disposal guidelines and rigorously follow them. We utilize best practices that are suitable for buildings participating in the U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) program and other green initiatives. As part of our recycling service, we complete the necessary paperwork for our customers with LEED certification. Through that partnership, we hope to promote our commitment to bettering the environment and our communities. Additionally, our full-service HVAC recycling covers Freon (or other refrigerant) abatement and recovery and the appropriate disposal of expansion tanks, cylinders and other system parts. As a licensed C10 Electrical Contractor, we also can handle the electrical aspects of your decommission project.

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